The Video That Started It All.

Founder Nick Savino directed and produced a viral travel video titled, "Wild Things," which generated nearly  1.5 million views and 8,000 shares organically on Facebook

in 10 days. This was the spark that led him to start NGS Productions. 

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Nick Savino 


Following a lifelong passion.

Savino's passion for creative storytelling started when he was ten years old after he came across his father's VHS camcorder buried in the closet. This passion grew over his teenage years,

as he taught himself everything about creative video production and editing through trial and error. After graduating from Penn State University, Smeal College of Business with a bachelor's degree in marketing, he decided to combine his degree with his lifelong creative passion, and formed

NGS Productions.

Some of NGS Productions biggest clientele work includes leading a video marketing campaign titled, "The Change Makers," for The Pennsylvania State University. The campaign was featured on the Penn State College of the Liberal Arts website, admission events, & social media channels. The campaign was designed to

showcase the impact the college has on its current students.

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